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How to install Babylon to my MAC

Download & Install

Please uninstall any old 'MAC  Babylon' software from your MAC.

Click here to download and run Babylon installation.

If you get an alert for 32-bit app incompatibility: In the coming future, Apple intend not to support any 32 bit program therefore, this alert is not relevant.

You still should be able to work with Babylon regardless the notification.

After installation, please Enter your License  details in the license window.

Please use the exact 'User name' & 'License code' delivered to you prior purchase.

Babylon Activation

In order to have Babylon work correctly, It is highly important after installation to add 'Babylon Activation' to Accessibility section (the Mac OS needs to allow Babylon to capture a word):

  1. Open Accessibility Window
    • Click on the apple icon on the Menu bar (on the left corner of the window) > System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility
    • Click on the Lock sign at the bottom of the window, type the password of your Mac authorization (The lock will change to status 'open').
    • Click on the + sign that appear under the list and choose 'get more application'.

  2. Locate 'Babylon Activation' on your computer:
    • In the left window where you see the list of devices on your MAC computer, choose the one with the disk icon named as 'HD':
      HD >> The Disk > Library > Application Support > Babylon > Babylon Activation > And click on "open" >
      Babylon will be added to the list of the activated programs.
    • Click on the Lock sign to lock it.

Babylon icon will appear on task bar.

When disk icon is missing:

  • Open 'Finder' on menu bar or using alt+tab to change active application.
  • Click on 'Preferences'.
  • At the devices section of this window highlight (check) the hard disk.
  • Then go back to step 1+2.

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